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Questions? We have answers.

1.      How much does a cubic yard cover?

Use our Reno Rock Quantity Estimator Tool to help determine how much material you might need.

2.     How do I measure my area?

Take the length of the area and multiple it by the width of the area.  Take that number and divide it by 160 (square feet at 2 inches deep) and round it up.  The result is the number of cubic yards you will need for your project.

3.     What color rock should I use?

This is purely a matter of preference.  Some things to consider though are the color of your home, the color of other landscaping items such as flowers, bushes, etc., concrete color and sod.

4.     What size rock should I use?

This is purely a matter of preference when the rock is being used for decorative purposes.  For a driveway, we would recommend 3/4" Crushed.  Any smaller will become stuck in your tires and thin out quickly.  For a walkway, we would recommend 3/8" Peagravel, Pathway Gravel or Decomposed Granite (DG).  Any larger is hard on the feet to walk on.

5.     What is the best dirt for sod?

We would recommend using Double Mix which is a mixture of Topsoil and Humus.

6.     What is the best dirt for planting?

We would recommend using Triple Mix which is a mixture of Topsoil, Humus and Manure.

7.     What is the best material to use for pavers?

If you would like to use sand for your pavers, we would recommend using Plaster Sand.  If you prefer to use rock we would recommend placing a layer of Type 2 Base underneath the pavers and then using Plaster Sand.


8.     What is the best rock for leach fields?

We recommend using 3/4" Crushed or 1 1/2" Crushed Drain Rock.

9.     What is the best rock for french drains?

We would recommend using 3/4" Crushed Drain Rock.

10.   What is the best sand for pipes?

We would recommend using SPPCo. Sand or Decomposed Granite (DG).


11.    What is the best sand to use under pools?

We would recommend using Play Sand under pools to keep it soft and even.

12.   If I need materials delivered, can you deliver?

Yes, we offer delivery Mondays through Saturdays with a 1/2 cubic yard minimum.  We are unable to give exact delivery times so we highly recommend having your material delivered the day before you are going to do your landscaping.

13.   What is the cost of delivery?

The delivery charge varies per location. Use the Reno Rock Delivery Calculator.

14.   Do I have to be present for delivery?

We only need you to be present for delivery if the material is being dumped on your property and the liability waiver on the order slip has not been signed prior to delivery.

15.   Where can I have my material dumped?

We will dump any material on the street in front of your home and we will also dump directly on your property if the liability waiver on the order slip has been signed.  When requesting to have your material dumped on your property be sure to keep in mind about any underground sprinklers, power poles, eaves, concrete, power boxes in the ground, gate width or any other items that may damaged because we can not be responsible for any damage to your property when you make the request that the material to be dumped on your property.  It is at the delivery driver's discretion to assess the safety of the requested dump site.  We will make every attempt to dump the material in the location that you request.

16.   Can I pick up the material myself?

Yes, you can pick up your material 6 days a week during normal business hours.

17.   What is the length of the railroad ties?

Typically our railroad ties are 8 to 9 feet long.

18.   Do I really need weed fabric under my rock?

If you are landscaping an area where there is weed growth we would recommend placing weed fabric down before placing your rock to lower the amount of weeds that will grow in your rocks.  You will still have weeds that grow in the rock because of dirt that will naturally get into your rock.  The weed fabric makes it easier to pull the weeds because they are not anchored into the ground and it cuts down on the growth of weeds considerably.

19.   Can I place my order over the phone?

Yes, you can place your order over the phone.  You can pay for your order over the phone with a credit card or you may pay the driver upon delivery or you may come into our location and pay for the order prior to delivery.


20.   What square footage does flagstone cover?

Typically 1 ton of flagstone will cover an area 80 feet by 120 feet depending on the thickness and space in between.  We would recommend visiting our location to see the different sizes of flagstone that we offer.


21.   Can I mix 2 or more colors/types of rock?

Yes, we can mix any color or type of rock that you request.

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